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 help in loop

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PostSubject: help in loop   23/11/08, 04:49 pm

i want to take two integers as input and divide them without using division operator.
i know it is done by repeated subtraction but i am only able to get answer in whole numbers i want to get answer in decimal points e.g. 11/2 shall give 2.75 but without division operator
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PostSubject: Hmmm .... Answer   23/11/08, 06:21 pm

Faisal you can perform it with out loop , if you use pow(); function

Solution With out Loop

For C++



using namespace std;

int main()
  int a,b;
  cout<<" Please Enter 2 integers"<<endl;
  cout<< static_cast<double>(a) * pow(static_cast<double>(b),-1); 
  return 0;


For decimal point u can use setpricision(n); now
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help in loop
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